Comprehensive Examination


The comprehensive examination is a process in which the doctor gathers information about your child’s teeth, growth, and development to provide a thorough diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan.  This examination may include radiography.


Growth and development: The doctor will evaluate and monitor your child’s growth and development at each preventive appointment.  This is critical for proper function as well aesthetics.


Exam for Cavities:  During this visual examination, the doctor locates areas of decay and cavities on chewing surfaces and between the teeth.  The doctor uses both a clinical exam and x-ray (radiographic) findings to determine optimum treatment for your child’s oral needs.


Periodontal Examination:  The doctor will examine your child’s gum tissues to insure that gum disease is detected in its early stages.  Our hygiene department provides preventive care for your child and home care instructions for parents and patients.  This will enable your child to maintain proper brushing and flossing habits and a healthy mouth for a lifetime.


radiographs / x rays

dental sealants

restorations / fillings


pulpotomy/pulpectomy/nerve treatment

cosmetic procedures

orthodontic evaluations  consultations