Orthodontic Evaluations / Consultations

At each recall exam we will examine your child’s bite.  Even when children are as young as two years old problems with the relationship between their top jaws and their bottom jaws can be evident.  We can tell a lot about a young child’s bite by determining how their baby canines and baby 2nd molars line up with each other.  Many times even when your child is as young as two years old we will be able to give you a “heads up” that your child is likely to need braces once the permanent teeth start coming in.  We will keep a check on your children as they start transitioning into the permanent dentition and notify you if we believe that an orthodontic examination is needed.  If we notice some early signs that your child’s teeth are not aligned properly then we usually recommend a consultation with a orthodontist around 7 or 8 years old when the front four permanent teeth on the top and bottom and all four of the 6 year molars have erupted.

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